Workhouse Brixworth.jpg

We are the workhouse

Our name is a nod to the history of the building, which was constructed in 1836 specifically as the local workhouse. We are located in a conservation area and after a complete renovation The Workhouse looks unrecognisable. Where possible, we have tried to retain original features, such as the black and white tile flooring which was uncovered during the building phase. Our aim has been to incorporate some contemporary London style with countryside charm and we hope we have managed to achieve this.

Sitting at our breakfast bar opens a view to Brixworth’s bustling high street, offering people watching at its best.

We are very proud to serve our neighbours, from the residents of Brixworth to passing commuters and local businesses. We've been overwhelmed by the support we have received and are very excited to be part of this community.

We believe there is a social responsibility that comes with opening and running a new business. We try to keep food waste to a minimum and donate to local charities where possible. Furthermore, we try to ensure that all packaging used is biodegradable and the coffee we serve is Fairtrade sourced.